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Bird Feeder
(18 Feb 2013)

Black Forest
(23 Aug 2008)

(23 Jan 2007)

(8 Feb 2013)

(25 Dec 2006)

Bird Feeder is added to Tail's Tales. Harry eats only twice a day. But small wild birds eat... (18 Feb 2013)

Moon Light is added to Tail's Tales. Without the moon light, it is not easy to walk in the meadow. (28 Jan 2013)

Fly a Kite is added to Tail's Tales. Fresh start in the fresh air. (14 Jan 2013)

All the 24 articles in the year 2012 are added to Tail's Tales. Last year, Harry's master was just far too busy to update this website at all. Nevertheless, Harry was having pretty much normal days. Going for a walk, eating meals, playing outside, sniffing flowers, picking fruits, sleeping in the bed or somewhere else... (14 Jan 2013)

The articles of the lost five months in the year 2011 are added to Tail's Tales. This is what Harry was doing while his master was busy with the new baby. (9 Jan 2012)

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Gourmet Dog Recipes
Home-made dog food and treats are the safest and healthiest options for gourmet dogs. Try some of our original recipes!

Easy Dog Sweaters
The easiest, still the cutest hand made dog sweaters ever! If you can knit a scarf, you can knit a dog sweater. Learn how to knit a dog sweater here.

Harry in Knits
You have already knit sweaters for your dog. Now you want something more challenging. Here you can learn how to knit a pattern of a dog for your own sweater.

Easy Dog Fleece Jackets
You can make a dog jacket very easily from the sleeves of your old fleece jacket. Patterns in actual size can be downloaded in PDF!

Introduction to Clicker Training
This method really works. Dogs enjoy it too. Teach your dog to look at you, sit and lie down. Just try!

Applied Clicker Training
Let's teach your dog more fun and more useful tricks with a cliker!

Five Basic Commands in Many Languages
Let's find out how people are talking to their dogs during obedience training in foreign countries! (Collected from 37 countries)

World Agility
Reports of international agility events and local agility trials in Europe, the US and Japan.

Obedience Clinic
Quick treatments for some common behaviour problems such as excessive barking, chewing on furniture and separation anxiety.

The 7 Magical Tips to Make Your Dog Come to You on Command
How to teach your dog to come to you on command. Harry was trained with this method. It is easy! You simply have to remember seven magical tips.

Tail's Tales
Harry's short tales. A homeless puppy found a new home and got trained. He works hard every day just to be called "Good Dog!" (Updated twice a month)

Harry's World Journeys
Explore the world with Harry from the dog's point of view. You may find some useful tips to travel with your dog here.

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